Mascara Hacks!



Today I would like to gift every woman/girl on this blog with:


  1. Apply a layer of Clear Mascara as a base coat or almost like a primer for your eyelashes making them longer, then apply your Mascara normally, optionally you can apply another coat of clear mascara at the end to make your lashes longer and thicker.

2) To moisturise your lashes you can apply Vaseline to your eyelashes before bed, this will moisture them.

3) If you find your Mascara is dried/ drying up, melt some coconut oil, only a very very small amount, too much will ruin your mascara! pour the melted coconut oil into your mascara and close the lid. Shake for one minute and apply! The coconut oil also works as an amazing conditioner.

4) If your Mascara wand gets clumpy then you can run it under hot water to fix this.

5) Reuse old (but clean) Mascara wands to separate your lashes and relieve yourself of clumps.

BONUS HACKIf you don’t feel like wearing makeup, use your old Mascara wand to separate your lashes to make them look longer, and to tame and or comb your eyebrows.


Hope this blog was helpful and that you enjoyed it❤️


Comment if if you have any other hacks xx





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What I eat: Teen Diet❤️

Hey guys,

Nowadays it’s kinda becoming popular to do a “What I eat in a Day” on YouTube so I thought I would do a blog version and then in the next few weeks I want to do a Teenage Meal Plan Or My favourite Meals as a teen. Anyway…



Today I ate two pieces of toast with Nutella and a banana, and I drank a glass of OJ.

Normally I will have a bowl of cereal and then a piece of fruit afterwards, but today I wanted toast to mix it up a bit😊



For lunch I was at home today, so I had a bowl of vegetable soup and a slice of bread.

Most of the time for lunch I will have Pasta, Instant Noodles, Rice or something like that. I’m not really  been a fan of sandwiches lately, I think because I used to eat them every day and I just got bored eventually.



For dinner or “Tea” if you’re from where I live, I ate a Baked Potato with beans.

Most of the time this is a go to meal, or if I haven’t had pasta for lunch I will have vegetables and pasta, or homemade pizza, as dinner is the meal where we go all out. For me especially it is the healthiest meal of the day as I get to vary up what I eat and adventure.



If you know me, you know I don’t eat meat. Being a teenager, I am going through my main stages of growth and as I don’t supply myself with all the protein any average person would get from meat, I have to bulk up with eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, fish etc… All the things with calcium, vitamins and especially protein. If you don’t eat meat like me, and you’re not a vegan, definately try your best to squeeze in your protein, even if you’re not getting it from dairy products.

Lack of protein in children and teens can stunt growth in height making the process slow down, as I found out. When I used to eat meat, I would grow lots and I was very tall for my age, but as I weened myself off of it, I found out that I was not growing as much and it was definitely from lack of protein, there’s no doubt.


Make sure you keep a balanced diet, eat your fruit and veg, get your protein and be healthy! And I don’t mean skinny healthy. I mean healthy as in make sure ou get your excersise and eat good foods as it will not only make you feel amazing it will help you tremendously.


All my love,



Lush Review: The Experimenter Bath Bomb

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to review the Lush bath bomb “The experimenter”

The Experimenter is a bath bomb I used recently and is one I defiantly liked, so I thought it was worth a blog post.


It it is a gorgeous looking bath bomb, it has five different colours, orange, white, blue, purple and pink as you can see. It doesn’t follow Lush’s usual spherical shape, which does make it stand out a bit more.

It smelled of vanilla, one of my favourite smells, and had a slight hint of something else I still can’t put my finger on. It was so relaxing and slightly glittery in the bath. I always think, vanilla and lavender are really relaxing scents especially in the bath.

It cost £3.95 so one of Lush’s more expensive bath bombs. You could probably cut it in half and have two uses out of it, but I used it all in one go.


My other favourites are

• Avobath

• Honey Bee

• Butterball

• Twilight

• The Comforter (Bubble Bar)


Comment your favourite Lush Bath product and we can compare!

Love and hugs,



Weird and Wild Makeup hacks❤️

Hey Guys,

Today I am here to tell you my favourite, weird and wild makeup hacks.


If you are applying one colour and in a rush, use your beauty blender to apply your eyeshadow. Trust me, it does work.


If you have ran out of concealer, take a damp beauty blender into a pressed powder and use it under your eyes and on blemishes. Then go over with a brush and more product.


To avoid clumpy, spider lashes, don’t run your mascara brush through your lashes, just apply it gently without letting your lashes run through the brush. (So hard to explain but if you understand me, this is life changing.) it gives your lashes a much more natural look but with more colour.


Revive a dried out eyebrow pomade or gel liner By adding ONE DROP (making it clear) of baby/mineral/argan oil and mixing. AVOID DROWNING IT!!!


Store your Pomade upside down to keep it good as new.



Take a lighter and run the tip of a kohl pencil through it quickly , it only takes a second, to make it more pigmented.



Apply concealer to the back of your hand and then use a brush to cover up blemishes.



That’s all I have for you! If this gets some likes I will definitely do a part two when I am more experienced.


Have be a good day😋

Lots of love,



Making a Comeback.

Hey guys,

I haven’t really blogged much lately. Please don’t hate. Honestly I can’t deal with it.

I’m not going to get into it but there’s been a truckload of drama resulting in me having one friend and constant drama with other people🙃 It gradually started in March, fully kicked off in April and now it’s begun settling down.

So, I have had a few blog posts waiting to be posted so I though I would post regularly for the next four days? Sound good?


Leave in the comments what you think.


Forever Love,



What I watch on Netflix.

Hi everyone,

Like I promised in my last post, I said I would keep up the blogging, so here is “What I watch on Netflix.”

Some of you may find this blog post boring but some will love it.


Pretty Little Liars.

This is Kinda obvious, me beings teenage girl, it’s kind of what you would expect. I love Pretty Little Liars. I love the mystery about it and how when it unravels the clues were right there on the screen in front of you, but you didn’t notice.


Once Upon A Time.

I started watching Once Upon A Time last year, and I got a few of my friends into it. I love how it incorporates fairytales into modern life and how it entices adults into enjoying fairytales again.


What I’m going to watch next:


Ive heard my friends rant about 90210 for the past few months and so I figured I might try it once I finish PLL.

Life Unexpected

I watched one episode of this, and thought it was okay, but I left it bceause I couldn’t juggle it with OUAT and PLL.



QOTD: What is your fave Netflix Show?






The Best Songs Ever (2)

Hey guys,

I haven’t blogged in just over a month, but I have so cool stuff coming up in the next few days and weeks, such as

“What I watch on Netflix”

“Makeup Hacks”

“Talking about the Future”

and a super special huge blog post coming up which I am in progress of writing: COMING SOON.

But anyway,

The last “The Best Songs Ever” had what I thought were the best songs of 2015. So here’s what else I’ve been listening to since then.


  1. Been That Way- Bryson Tiller
  2. Exchange- Bryson Tiller
  3. In2- WSTRN
  4. All My Friends- Snakehips
  5. Work- Rhianna
  6. Hands To Myself- Selena Gomez


Tell me who your favourite artist is in the comments.